• Weld in Short Neck


     The Short Neck is not just pretty, its built solid from start to finish.  


    The Slip Fit Short Neck kit Features….


    1)     Applications for 2001 and up Harley Davidson Touring models

    2)     Allows the use of a 26” or 30" wheel

    3)     Retains zirc grease fitting for easy maintenance

    4)     Retains stock steering lock, with closed bottom for maximum security

    5)     No need to modify the neck to be used with MACH8 inverted performance forks.

    6)     Clean billet look, makes your bike “Show perfect” without extensive clean up work

    7)     One piece machined instead of complex weldment insure accuracy in design, and precision steering.

    8)     Complete Kit includes Weld in Neck, Trees, Lower Bearing, Upper bearing race, Fork leg adapters with air fittings.

    9)     Kit uses American Suspension short neck trees, which feature 10 pinch bolts clamping the legs, race style bearing adjustment, tire clearing arch, pressed and clamped solid stem, and machined in place fairing mounts for easy installation.

    10) Special fork tube adapters are included to allow solid clamping of the legs, and features use it if you need it air ports for air lowering kits.

    11) Patent pending steering stops allow the use of most all nacelles without cutting.

    12)  The package also includes hidden bolt handlebar riser mounting kit.

    13)  Special packages available to include Air Pistons, Lower Legs and fork covers

    14)  EZ weld full beveled edges.  All the edges are beveled where you weld in the neck to allow good penetration and a perfect weld.