• Motorcycle 54 Single Color LED Kit


    Motorcycle 54 Single Color LED Kit

    This kit will make any part of your bike that you chose glow and make it look like you are riding on a cloud of light! The single color kit comes with everything you need to install these super bright LEDs on your motorcycle. This kit is good for road coverage, wheel highlighting and more. The strips come with 3M adhesive to make installation easy. It also comes with 3M 94 Primer which is the best in the market. Most competitors charge extra for this....we include it in our kits! The strips can be easily cut to the length desired. Just follow the instructions. The strips come with 1oz of JoeFlorida silicone sealant to seal the strip in the case you need to cut it to a different length (see we told you we provide everything you need!).

    The kit comes in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Purple, or Orange. Please make yoiur color selection above. Please note that purple, by it's very nature on teh color spectrum, appears about half as bright as the other colors. We offer the brightest purple strips on the market.

    The kit also has an optional mutli-funtion remote control. The remote control has the ability to turn the lights on and off. The remote control will also can put the lights in three (3) different strobing functions (fading from very dim to very super bright) and four (4) different levels of super brightness.

    This kit is fully expandable. If you wish to add more LED light strips to this kit, now or later, we make it easy.

    The kit includes:

    • Six (6) LED water and shock resistant super bright flexible light strips each containing 9 super bright LEDs. Each strip has connectors attached with heat resistant wire.
    • Extension and connection wire
    • One (1) 15 function control box (if remote option is selected)
    • Two (2) remotes (if remote option is selected)
    • A fuse holder with two 5 amp fuses
    • 1oz of JoeFlorida silicone sealant
    • Plastic wire ties
    • Four (4) wire splice connector
    • One (1) bottle of 3M 94 Primer included (if remote control selected)
    • Easy to install instructions

    Legal Information
    Laws governing the use of custom lighting vary from state to state. Some of these lights or some of these colors may not be street-legal in some states, and are offered for off-road or show use only. Please check with your local authorities before purchasing.