• Mirage Series: J-Link Smartphone Controller


    Control your lights with your phone. Combined with the JoeFlorida App you can customize your light show with over a billion different combinations.

    All JoeFlorida Multicolor light sets are compatible with this controller.  All you need to do is remove the old controller and replace it with this one. It is very easy.

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    Installation Instructions (Click here)

    Download the App:

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    • Design and store 16 different light shows with 20 colors each
    • For each design select between 4 different modes: solid color, flashing, fading, and transition.  Flash, Fade, & Transition from one color to the next (up to 20 colors per sequence).
    • Includes 10 standard colors (red, pink, purple, blue, teal, green, yellow, white, warm white, & orange)
    • Includes 2 more customizable colors
    • Set the Keyfob buttons to any functionality for quick and easy access
    • Set the 3 Inputs for wired functionality
    • Includes a battery saver so you never have to worry about running your battery too low.   Set the battery voltage limit, and the lights will automatically turn off when the voltage reaches that limit.
    • Brake Input - Turns lights red when the brake is applied (brake mode uses an input so if used in combination with the button module, 2 buttons will function and the 3rd input will be used for brake mode)
    • Communications: Bluetooth, RF

    In the Box:

    • JoeFlorida Mirage Series: J-Link Controller
    • 2 Key-fobs
    • 1 Three Button Handlebar control
    • 1 Fuse Holder with 2 fuses
    • Supply kit for connecting to the battery

    App Requirements:

    • Apple iOS5 and higher - Available Now
    • Android version 4.04 and higher - Available Now

    Legal Information
    Laws governing the use of custom lighting vary from state to state. Some of these lights or some of these colors may not be street-legal in some states, and are offered for off-road or show use only. Please check with your local authorities before purchasing.