• Brake Flash Controller


    Enhance your safety with the Joe Florida Brake Flash Controller for your motorcycle. This motorcycle safety device allows you to flash your brakes on your motorcycle as you apply the hand or foot brake. It is fully programmable allowing you to adjust the number of flashes and the speed of the flashing. When you apply the brakes the JoeFlorida Brak Flash controller will flash the brakes and then return them to the solid brake light. Each time you apply the brakes the motorcycle brake flash controller will allow you to be seen and gain the attention of other vehicles around you.

    Video of Brake Flash Controller operating on a 2014 Harley Davidson Tri Ultra Classic with LED tail lights.  

    This motorcycle safety device is very easy to function. There are two buttons on the controller. One is labeled “Speed.” This button changes the rate at which the flashing occurs. There are 4 different speeds. The other button is labeled “#”. This button selects the number of times you want the brake to flash before going solid.

    There is an LED inside of the motorcycle brake flash controller that provides feedback for your settings allowing easy to use funcationality. The light will flash at the rate and the number of times the brake will flash. For incandescent light bulbs, select a slower speed as these types of bulbs have a slower response time for on and off.

    As with all JoeFlorida controllers, the Brake Flash Controller is completely waterproof protected from the elements with a clear potting.

    Installation Instructions (Click here)


    Input Power: 20mA @ 12VDC

    Brake In & Out: 5A max @ 12VDC

    Installation Video on a 1997 BMW Cruiser with an incandescent brake light: