Arc Audio M.P.A.K. 10

$789.95 $719.95

Have a 2014+ Street Glide and only want the ARC Audio Moto 600.4 in your bike? No Problem! The ARC Audio MPAK 10 upgrade audio kit is your plug and play solution for your HD Street Glide Motorcycle.

Exclusively by ARC Audio for the HD 2014+ Street glide motorcycles the MPAK10 is an amplifier only kit that gives you everything you need to install it correctly into your HD motorcycle but without any speakers included. This plus and play kit includes everything needed to correctly install the ARC Audio Moto 600.4 into your HD motorcycle.

With the amplifier installed on top of the factory location and using ARC Audio's plug and play harness, High current HD Power Kit and 2014+ supplemental adapter kit the MPAK 10 seamlessly integrates with the factory HD radio without cutting or splicing any of the factory wires which typically results in loss of the motorcycles electrical system warranty. In addition this installation allows you to keep all of your factory features and handle bar operation controls so you can continue to operate your system at its new level of performance without ever removing your hands from where they need to be.

The M.P.A.K.10 Kits include the ARC Audio Moto600.4 high power amplifier and upgraded HD Power kit that is required to handle the Moto 600.4's higher power levels safely.

Talking about power the MPAK 10 kit includes the ARC Audio Mot600.4 Hi-Power amplifier.

Designed specifically for the motorcycle and power sports market the MOTO 600.4 amplifier is the high performance solution for today’s extreme music lovers. Capable of over 600 watts at 4 ohms across 4 channels the Moto 600.4 takes your factory stereo from zero to hero in a single package solution.

When it comes to dynamics and overall sound quality nothing beats raw power except clean power. With the Moto 600.4 amplifier that is exactly what you get delivering 150 watts into 4 channels at 2 or 4 ohms giving your speakers more than enough dynamics power to satisfy even the most demanding listeners without taxing your factory charging system beyond its limits. The Moto 600.4’s patent pending power supply design achieves a mind staggering 90+ efficiency allowing you to get full power without needing a ton of power form your bike.

Compact, elegant, and yet full of unmatchable power the Moto 600.4 is small enough to fit inside the factory fairing of all 2000 – 2015 HD full fairing motorcycles without the need of modifications, custom installations or devaluing your motorcycle. Its compact size allows you to achieve that personalized "Big Sound" without the loss of valuable bag space.

  • Designed and tested by factory trained technicians at Mitchell's Modesto Harley Davidson MPAK kits are designed to bolt into your HD motorcycle's factory locations in the front fairing
  • No Loss of space in your side bags or touring pack
  • High efficiency non digital amplifier design works with the parameters of the factory motorcycle charging system
  • Speakers bolt directly into the factory locations with no modifications or changes needed to the speakers of the mounting area
  • Includes full step by step color instruction manual for an easy do it yourself installation
  • Allows you to upgrade your HD Audio system and still retain all factory handle bar stereo controls
  • Wire harness and installation kit contents selected by Mitchell's Modesto Harley Davidson technicians so that the stereo will not void the motorcycles factory electrical warranty. (at no point in this installation does the motorcycles main harness need to be cut!) Includes full plug and play input/output signal wire harness
  • Specifications:

    Download MPAK 10 Owners Manual-Download Manual Here-
    MPAK Amplifier IncludedMoto 600.4
    Power Rating @ 2 or 4 ohms4 x 150 Watts
    Bridged Power Rating @ 4 ohms2 x 300 Watts
    Speakers IncludedNone
    HD Main harness IncludedYes
    HD Upgraded Power Harness includedYes
    2014+ Speaker adapter Harness IncludedYes
    Plug and Play Kit DesignYes