Arc Audio M.P.A.K. 8

$769.95 $699.95

Exclusively by ARC Audio for the HD 2014 Street glide motorcycles the MPAK8 is your Hi Performance audio solution for music lovers everywhere. Including revised ARC Audio Moto Series 602 V2 Coaxial speakers and a 2014+ specific harness adapter kit the MPAK8 is the first non class D plug and play motorcycle kit for the newest generation of HD motorcycles.

With the amplifier installed on top of the factory location and using ARC Audio's new plug and play harness system ARC Audio MPAK kits integrate with the factory HD radio without cutting or splicing any of the factory wires which typically results in loss of the motorcycles electrical system warranty. In addition this installation allows you to keep all of your factory features and handle bar operation controls so you can continue to operate your system at its new level of performance without ever removing your hands from where they need to be.

All M.P.A.K. Kits include the KS125.2BX2 Mini amplifier equipped with BX2 bass technology. BX2 is a bass frequency extension technology that provides perceived bass frequency response below the low frequency cut off in an audio system.

BX2 uses the principle of the missing fundamental, which creates the sensation of low frequencies by generating a carefully calculated series of harmonics designed to simulate the auditory experience in the human ear caused by the missing fundamental pitch. These harmonics extend the perceived frequency response up to 1.5 octaves below the speaker cutoff frequency (f3) without perceived distortion, increased peak power consumption or peak speaker excursion.

The M.P.A.K 8 kit is the motorcycle riders solution to ultra high performance audio. MPAK 8 include exclusively the ARC Audio Moto Series V2 speakers which was designed specifically for the motorcycle environment on the 2014+ HD motorcycles. The ARC Audio "Moto" Series 602V2 is the optimum balance of acoustical harmony and ultra High performance all wrapped up in a single design in a design that caters specifically to the motorcycle environment. Designed by ARC Audios acoustical engineering division, Moto Series 602 V2 speakers use only today's most advanced and durable acoustical materials while designed to adapt and perform in the 2014 Streetglide's reduced grill and integrated enclosure configuration.

Emphasizing sonic characteristics traditionally found in the finest home and pro audio component systems, Moto Series coaxial and component speaker systems create new levels of musical enjoyment and personalization placing emphasis on enhanced mid bass and low frequency response, dynamically engineered midrange for rich, natural and pronounced vocals and instrumentation while efficiently enhancing upper frequencies with finesse and dynamic performance giving you the most value possible that can be heard even at 65+ MPH when stepping up your systems acoustical and performance capabilities.

MOTO Series component systems include air core inducted hi end performance based audiophile quality crossover networks while the Coaxial systems include integrated tweeter crossovers and protection. ARC Audio Moto Speakers are only available thru authorized brick and mortar store front locations and exclusively thru

  • Designed and tested by factory trained technicians at Mitchell's Modesto Harley Davidson MPAK kits are designed to bolt into your HD motorcycle's factory locations in the front fairing
  • No Loss of space in your side bags or touring pack
  • High efficiency non digital amplifier design works with the parameters of the factory motorcycle charging system
  • Speakers bolt directly into the factory locations with no modifications or changes needed to the speakers of the mounting area
  • Includes full step by step color instruction manual for an easy do it yourself installation
  • Allows you to upgrade your HD Audio system and still retain all factory handle bar stereo controls
  • Wire harness and installation kit contents selected by Mitchell's Modesto Harley Davidson technicians so that the stereo will not void the motorcycles factory electrical warranty. (at no point in this installation does the motorcycles main harness need to be cut!) Includes full plug and play input/output signal wire harness
  • Specifications:

    MPAK Product Installation ManualDownload Product Manual Here
    Amplifier IncludedKS125.2 BX2
    Speakers IncludedMoto 602V2 2014 Street Glide Compatible High Performance Coaxial Design
    Wiring Harness IncludedYes- Includes the 2014 adapter harness making the HD adapter harness complete plug and play
    Other IncludedStep by Step installation manual
    System Amplifier Power (As Configured)140 Watts
    System Amplifier Power (Max)240 Watts
    Frequency Response70Hz - 22kHz
    BX2 IncludedYes - However it is not recommended for use on the 2014 Street Glides. Recommended bypass only.